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The Irish Agricultural Museum and Johnstown Castle Gardens will be closed today Sun 18 March due to severe weather warning. We hope to reopen tomorrow as normal.

The museum and castle gardens will be closed tomorrow  (Thurs) and Friday. We hope to reopen on Saturday if weather conditions permit.

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Special Events 2018

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A History of the National Ploughing Championships

In September 2012 the National Ploughing Championships were staged at Heath Park, New Ross, Co Wexford. Our new exhibition explores its unique 80 year history and celebrates some of people who have played an important part in making it Ireland’s foremost farming festival.

The display was launched at the 2012 ploughing contest and extracts from it can now be seen as a permanent exhibition at the museum.



A History of  Pierces, Wexford Engineering (‘Star’) and Doyles

We have recently redisplayed our permanent exhibition on ploughing. The display now pierce webincludes features on the three Wexford agricultural engineering firms of P Pierce, Wexford Engineering and Doyles whose machinery went all over the world.





Piles of sugar beet.

And the Beet Goes On…

We have just re-displayed our exhibition on sugar beet. This industry played an important part in the Irish farming community for over a century until its demise a few years ago.




Irish Country Kitchens

Opened in summer 2011. This exhibition traces the dramatic improvements in living conditions and the changing role of women in the domestic sphere; benefits resulting largely from the process of electrification.

The exhibition comprises of three large-scale replica kitchens, which were typically in use in rural Ireland in 1800, 1900 and 1940-50s. These kitchen replicas are complimented by a vast and varied range of domestic household objects and early electrical appliances.

The Country Village

This exhibition comprises of 6 large scale replicas of craft workshops. This exhibit illustrates the crucial role and function of crafts people in the village community.

The Great Irish Famine  

This exhibition illustrates the economic and social aspects of the famine and outlines its importance in Irish and European history. It is also concerned with scientific and technological aspects such as how the potato blight arrived in Ireland, why the potato crop was so devastated by blight, the search for a cure and the control of blight today.

A History of Johnstown Castle Estate

This exhibition illustrates the social and familial history of the estate as well as architectural points of interest.

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